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Repuplic of IraqNational groupe for popular arts

Minstrey of caluture


A brief Summary about the Iraqi


National groupe for popular arts


      This groupe founded in 1 /3/1971 ….


The aim of its foundation was to spread and deepn the Iraqi popular arts and supported the pleasure in a slim and artistical and pointd inside and outsid Iraq . Since its foundation the groupe became competed with world groupe .


This groupe is culture ministry part  in cinema and theater office in Baghdad .


The groupe contiributed in performing shows and vestivals and cultural weeks in a namber of Arabian and foregin countries over ( 80 ) country and we mentioned some of its contiributions in Yoguslafya and the sovition union at its time and Borgas vestival in Bulgaria and ( Akarjanto ) vestival in Italy where the gyoupe gained the first prise which is Hurgul temple of gold more over than 40 country .


As the groupe presented a great art show in United Nations building in New York 1980 . and Unisco organization in Paris about friendship and peace . As the groupe visited China and Japan .. and had annual contiributions in Jarash vestival in Amaan and Gartag – in Tunis and Maskat in Saltanat Umaan and al-Ribat in Morroco . and here and there presented shows and cultural weeks in Lebanun and Algeria .. and other Arabian and foreing countries .


The Iraqi national groupe for popular arts continued its line and created its dances and works from the folkative arts and popular arts and keeps the route of Iraqian and Arabian arts by rising the heritage sprirt and the  folkative route and all the people know that the groupe is the only source to renew what is mentioned in books about heritage and popula artsin Iraq . from our habits and dances was exercised at that time and even the costumes and music and another .






habits , and really desgin and will and love of work are found for this foundation and to be built in academic style do not release of pleasure and the intended gole ….. all that was not exist found but for the groupe .


It is it who fired on the world world with this creation through Mightyness of this country which deepened in ancient civilization and arts . why not and this country consists of oll kind of nationalities with all strength and exersice their habits and rituals ( heritage , folkative ) even the doctorine and hold it …..


The work at this groupe don’t come easily like that where is a lot of ignorants and unfair .


Who planted stones in its way but what ever they did , this country will stay shinny and glory and but if its mightyness and its deep history and civilization … It could never be a county . the country who has no art has no civilization . and there were alot of the honest artists and louing and faithful for their groupe .. coud hold the groupe and keeps its conuntinous exsistence . and they are from the old artists and new ones and on the head the groupe chife &manger and art design ( Fouad Thanoon ) .  


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